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Rod Seals

Rod seal is installed on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover to prevent hydraulic oil from leaking. It needs to withstand high pressure, have good sealing performance and low friction.


RVA is a single-acting rod seal energised by a special spring. The advantage of the RVA lies in its low friction and relatively constant preloading force over a relatively large deformation range. The seal is used wherever friction has to be kept within a narrow tolerance zone, for instance in pressure switches.


The MPR-type rod seal is a double-lip seal with tight interference fit on the outer diameter. The additional lubricant between the two lips greatly prevents friction and wear.


MPB type is a polyurethane material lip seal with a tight outer diameter. The inner lip is designed with multiple oil grooves. It has excellent lubrication effect, avoids dry friction and wear, and has good residual oil withdrawal ability.


MPA type is an asymmetric lip seal with an outer diameter that tightly fits the indentation of the inner lip, and has good residual oil withdrawal capabilities.


The GSI reverse-lip seal consists of an O-ring and a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing ring.


GSJ is a type of material commonly used for rod seals in hydraulic and pneumatic applications. GSJrod seals are designed to provide effective sealing between the reciprocating rod and the cylinder bore in these systems.


MPS is designed for high pressure single action’s rod seals.
Single acting rod seal for earthmoving and other heavy duty applications. Useful in low and high pressure applications. Optional Nylon backup ring will increase maximum sealing pressure. MPS used in heavy duty agricultural, earthmoving and industrial machinery.


HBY combined with rod seals, to absorb impact and surge pressure under heavy load in order to separate high temperature fluids and improve the service life of the seal element.


HBTS is single-acting O-ring energized rod seals have proven to be ideal for a variety of applications. These seals are typically made from our high-quality materials and are designed with an elastomer booster to optimize performance. It can be used as a single rod seal or as a secondary seal in a rod seal system to provide optimum sealing performance.

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