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Hydraulic seals

Hydraulic cylinder systems are sealed using a complex configuration of high-performance hydraulic seals, and we at Hallite offer a wide range of seals for applications within these cylinder systems:

Piston seal is the main seal in the hydraulic cylinder,used to isolate the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder.The sealing ring is made of PTFE filled with brone, and the O-ring elastomer is made of NBR rubber.

Rod seal is installed on the inside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover to prevent hydraulic oil from leaking. It needs to withstand high pressure, have good sealing performance and low friction.

Wiper seal is installed on the outside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover. Its function is to remove dust, rainwater and other dirt attached to the reciprocating piston rod exposed on the outer surface of the cylinder.

Wear Ringis installed on the end cover and piston of the hydraulic cylinder, support the piston rod and piston and guide the piston to make linear motion. It affects the use effect and life of the piston seal and piston rod seal, so the guide rings requirements are also higher, such as small friction coefficient, high hardness, long service life, etc.

Back up rings are usually used to bridge the gap between two objects to achieve sealing, buffering, earthquake resistance, anti-skid and other purposes.

Floating seal is a metal seal composed of metal ring and elastomer. It  mainly used in harsh working environments with pulverized coal, sand and moisture.It has strong sealing performance and is a compact mechanical seal.

A rotary seal is a device used in rotating machinery to prevent fluid or gas leakage, maintaining system integrity and reliability through a tight seal on the rotating shaft.

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