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Wiper Seals

Wiper seal is installed on the outside of the hydraulic cylinder end cover. Its function is to remove dust, rainwater and other dirt attached to the reciprocating piston rod exposed on the outer surface of the cylinder.


DKBZ is a type of dust seal (wiper seal)which used to prevent dust, dirt, sand, and metal chips from entering the hydraulic cylinder.


The DHS wiper is a type of dust seal component used in hydraulic and pneumatic systems to protect the internal components from contaminants such as dust, dirt, and moisture. It is designed to clean the rod or shaft as it retracts, preventing the ingress of external particles into the system.


he DH-5 is a single acting wiper seal (dust seal)composed of a polyurethane wiping lip.


The GSZ5 dust seal (wiper seal)is a type of double-lip dust-proof ring that consists of a wearing ring with sealing and dust-proof cutting edges, along with an O-ring that acts as a pre-tightening element.


DKBI is dust seal(wiper seal) suitable for reciprocating, oscillating, or rotary motion systems and exhibits excellent dust scraping capability, wear resistance, and long service life.

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