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Wear Ring&Guide Rings

Wear Ring&Guide Rings is installed on the end cover and piston of the hydraulic cylinder, support the piston rod and piston and guide the piston to make linear motion. It affects the use effect and life of the piston seal and piston rod seal, so the guide rings requirements are also higher, such as small friction coefficient, high hardness, long service life, etc.


WR wear ring is nonmetallic guiding and positioning element. Excellent compression resistance and wear resistance, high load performance and still flexible before it reaches its brittleness temperature. Also easy in installation.


The RYT is code for PTFE guide belt,which has a strong load-bearing capacity. It must be installed for oil cylinders with large partial loads, such as various heavy-duty oil cylinders, high-pressure oil cylinders, and large oil cylinders.


KZT is used for moving piston and rod in cylinder. With good guide effect, it can absorb radial force anytime, prevent metal-to-metal contact in the cylinder, and reduce the friction.

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