International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

On the special day of March 8th International Women’s Day, TYS ushered in a unique talent show activity for female workers. This activity was organized by the company’s labor union, aiming at showing the excellent talents and unique charms of female workers in their spare time in addition to their contribution to TYS, as well as providing a platform for female workers to show their talents.

The world is a book of women.
Wives, mothers, daughters,
lover, coworker, friend ……
regardless of their status.
Wherever they are.
Women are the most beautiful colors in this world and
It is the source of love and happiness. From Rousseau—-

Chinese handwriting

At the display site, female workers kept presenting their carefully prepared works to everyone. Among them, the cross-stitch works attracted everyone’s attention with their exquisite patterns and delicate needlework. Each piece of work contains the hard work and endless efforts of the female workers, showing their ingenuity in their spare time.
There were also paintings and handmade small products and other works, each of which condensed the wisdom and creativity of female workers. These works not only show the artistic talent of the female workers, but also reflect their multiple roles and sense of responsibility at home and at work.
The brush calligraphy works show the deep cultural heritage and artistic cultivation of the female workers. They wrote the poems of the ancients with smooth and powerful strokes, and every word was full of flavor and beauty. In these works, we can feel the love and inheritance of traditional Chinese culture among the female workers.
The talent show not only gave the female workers a chance to show their talents, but also further stimulated their love for life and enthusiasm for work. At the same time, the activity also made more people realize the important role and value of female workers in society, family and work, and fought for more respect and attention for female workers.
On this special day, let’s celebrate the achievements and contributions of women around the globe in society, family and work, and at the same time praise the female workers and encourage them to continue to shine and show their talents and charms in the days to come. The Women Workers’ Talent Showcase is one of the ways, which gives women workers a chance to show their talents and charms, and at the same time allows more people to understand and recognize the multiple roles and values of women workers.
This talent show for female workers is not only an event to celebrate and praise women, but also an opportunity to promote exchanges and thinking. It gives us a deeper understanding of the talents and charms of female workers, and makes us pay more attention to and support the status and rights of women in the workplace and society. Let us work together to contribute to the development and progress of women.


It is because of a group of beautiful and valiant female workers, in TYS and other aspects of the continuous contribution of “her power”, TYS can make great contributions in the high-quality leapfrog development. Some of them are in the Quality Control Department for the quality of TYS seals to pay their rigor and persistence to ensure the quality of each seal from TYS to the maximum extent possible, some of them are in the Production Department to control every link in the production process, some of them are in the Finance Department to ensure the normal operation of the financial system of TYS, and some of them are in the Business Department for the customers of TYS and the business development of TYS to pay their efforts, and there are other TYS female workers in various aspects. Some of them work in the business department to make their efforts for TYS customers and TYS business development, and others play important roles in other important departments of TYS.

The CEO of TYS said to all female faculty and staff, as always, will be concerned about every female compatriot, and do our best to do a good job of female compatriots strong backing. Looking forward to compatriots in the career, family stage, continue to invigorate the spirit of the dragon and horse, play the role of “half the sky”, in order to realize the high-quality development of the global sealing industry to make women’s contribution!

Finally TYS wishes women around the world a happy International Women’s Day ! Forever healthy body and wonderful career!



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