The role of hydraulic seals is to prevent the leakage of the working medium and the intrusion of external dust and foreign matter, leakage will contaminate the equipment and the environment, can not reach the required pressure can not work properly. The reliability and service life of hydraulic seals is an important indicator of the quality of a hydraulic system, TYS offers a full range of hydraulic seals including piston seals, rod seals, dust seals, guide rings, gaskets and repair kits etc. 

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Hydraulic Seals

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TYS is a hydraulic seals factory with more than 23 years of hydraulic seals manufacturing experience and rich technical knowledge, occupying more than 60% market share in the hydraulic seals industry in China, specialising in the research, development and production of hydraulic cylinder seals.

TYS provide you with high performance hydraulic seals, solve the problem of unstable quality of your hydraulic seals products, improve the economic efficiency of your equipment, and provide you with tailor-made hydraulic sealing solutions.

TYS know that your time is valuable, so we are constantly striving to improve our production process in order to deliver quality seals on time. With 5 automated precision production lines producing 100,000 hydraulic seals per day in a variety of sizes and materials, we can meet your high capacity needs, and with over 3.5 million metric hydraulic seals in stock.

Piston Seals

Piston seal is a critical component in engines and other mechanical devices that use reciprocating motion. It is responsible for creating a tight seal between the piston and the cylinder wall, preventing the leakage of gases or fluids, typically made from materials such as: Elastomers (e.g., nitrile rubber, polyurethane);Thermoplastics (e.g., PTFE, polyamide)

Rod Seals

Rod seals also known as piston rod seals or gland seals, are another critical component in engines and hydraulic systems that use reciprocating motion. The main functions of rod seals are sealing; guiding and wiping. Some common types of rod seals include: U-cup seals; O-ring seals; Wiper seals.

Wiper seals

Wiper seals also call dust seals or scraper seals,are a specific type of rod seal used in the cylinders of engines and hydraulic systems. Its function is to remove dust, rainwater and other dirt outside. It is typically made from durable elastomeric materials, such as nitrile rubber, polyurethane, or PTFE-based compounds.

Backup ring

Backup ring also call seal gaskets known as a anti-extrusion ring or a support ring, is a secondary sealing component used in conjunction with the primary seal in a cylinder or hydraulic system. It serves the following key functions: Extrusion prevention,Pressure distribution,Centering and alignment.

Wear Rings

Wear rings also known as guide rings or bearing rings, are a critical component in mechanical equipment. They have the following main functions: Guiding function;Support function;Wear protection;Sealing assistance. Common wear ring materials include (PTFE), Phenolic fabric, POM etc.).

Floating Seals

Floating seal is a metal seal composed of metal ring and elastomer. It mainly used in harsh working environments with pulverized coal, sand and moisture.It has strong sealing performance and is a compact mechanical seal.

Rotary Seals

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Shaft Seals

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Features of TYS Hydraulic Seals

High quality-price ratio

All products undergo a rigorous 3-step quality inspection process

Low moq

Minimum order of 20PC, reduce your inventory pressure

Fast delivery

With special production processes to quickly produce customized products, a large inventory of standard parts products are ready to ship at any time

Free sample

Provide free samples for your product quality inspection

Material development at TYS

TYS hydraulic seals have good static and dynamic sealing performance, to meet the most important sealing role of the equipment.TYS from 2015 onwards internally hired Germany and Taiwan professional material experts to study the unique material formulations to adapt to a variety of conditions of the material research and development experiments in order to solve the different special application needs of your system, so the hydraulic seals from the production of TYS from the raw materials to the factory before the beginning of the quality control Ensure the quality of the products.

Production process of TYS

TYS has a number of its own independent research and development and design of production equipment, designed specifically for the production of high-quality competitive hydraulic seals, continuous improvement to enhance the production process, can greatly improve the utilization of materials and production efficiency, so as to be able to produce high quality and high performance hydraulic seals at competitive prices.

TYS has a complete set of production and laboratory testing equipment, production equipment, including numerical control machining centers, TYS has complete production and laboratory testing equipment, production equipment including CNC machining centers, CNC lathes, large hydraulic presses, computer-controlled sintering furnaces, plate vulcanizing machines, precision injection molding machines, automatic fiber impregnation machines, composite machines and other precision machining and production, TYS’s hydraulic seals to ensure that the dimensional precision of the product to solve the size of the seal caused by leakage caused by the problem.


It is a hydraulic actuator seals used to prevent the leakage of the working medium and to prevent the entry of external foreign objects into the hydraulic system. but if the seals fail or perform poorly, it will affect the normal use of equipment.

piston sealpiston rod sealwiper seal(dust seal)wear ring sealseal gasketrotary sealbuffer seal and so on.

You can ask the tys team for TYS hydraulic seals catalogue pdf to check or cunstom for you.

PTFE、PU、POM、NBR、HNBR、FKM、POM、PA or you can specify materials.The ptfe hydraulic seals is our very competitive products.

Yes,we can also do imperial sizes,we can customize hydraulic seals,you just need to send us the quantity and size you need.

50pcs,TYS piston seals are available in stock in all common models and sizes, currently only one of the factories in Xiamen has over 3.6 million seals in stock, including piston seals, piston rod seals, guide rings, dust seals, guide bands and other hydraulic seals. Our existing stock only requires a minimum quantity of one package to deliver, so you have a low MOQ to reduce your inventory pressure.

2-5 days for existing in-stock products and 30 days for customized products.

Normal according to our packaging, if you have special requirements can be packaged according to your needs.