Hydraulic seals manufacturers in worldwide:A Top List brand In 2023

Hydraulic seals manufacturers in worldwide:A Top List brand In 2023

Learn where you could get the best hydraulic seals by going through the hydraulic seals  manufacturers in the world in this article.
Seals are an indispensable and important component in the engineering field. They are used to control the flow of liquid or gas in mechanical systems, prevent leaks, and ensure the normal operation of equipment. Different application fields and needs have led to fierce competition among many seal brands on the market. The following are the top ten brands in the field of seals, which enjoy high reputation and popularity in the market:

Image Source: NOK

NOK is the world’s leading seal manufacturer, offering various types of seals and rubber products. The company has extensive market share globally.Since 1960, NOK has continuously improved and optimized polyurethane elastomer materials, and conducted research and development on them as a representative material for seals. Nowadays, iron rubber for NOK seals (the internal name of NOK polyurethane material) can be said to be an ideal seal-specific material that takes into account the balance of physical properties and takes into account all factors.

Freudenberg LOGO
Image Source: Freudenberg

Freudenberg is a German multinational company with numerous subsidiaries known for its production of high-quality seals and specialty materials.,Freudenberg is a global technology group with a history of more than 170 years. Freudenberg works together with partners, customers and scientific research institutions to develop products and solutions for 40 different market segments and thousands of application areas. Freudenberg has ten business groups with product lines including sealing, shock-absorbing control components, technical textiles, filters, specialty chemicals, medical and modern cleaning products, serving five major industries: traffic and transportation, energy and resources, industry and manufacturing, medical and food processing, household and textiles.

Image Source: SKF

SKF is a well-known Swedish manufacturer of bearings and seals, which are widely used in various mechanical equipment.SKF Group is the world’s leading supplier of rolling bearings and seals. Its business scope includes bearing manufacturing and seal production as well as the promotion of bearing-related tools, providing customers with a variety of solutions and services. SKF’s business is divided into five major departments: Industrial Department, Automotive Department, Electrical and Electrical Equipment Department, Service Department, Aerospace and Steel Department. Each business unit provides services to the global market, focusing on customers and industries relevant to its business.

Parker LOGO
Image Source: Parker

Parker is a global engineering technology company that provides a variety of fluid power system solutions, including seals.It is a Fortune 250 company in the United States and a pioneer in the field of motion and control.For the past 100 years, Parker has led customer success in diverse industrial and aerospace markets. Parker’s engineering expertise and broad range of core technologies help solve the world’s toughest engineering challenges.

Hallite LOGO
Image Source: Hallite

Hallite is a British seal manufacturer providing hydraulic seals and sealing solutions.Helite is a leading global manufacturer of fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic seals, including wipers, O-rings, rod and piston seals, guide rings and other custom high-performance rubber and plastic seals. Manufacturer of an extensive range of piston rod seals, piston seals, static seals, as well as support and guide elements for technically demanding industrial applications in a wide range of materials including PTFE, polyurethane, nitrile rubber and fluoroelastomers.

Trellborg LOGO
Image Source: Trellborg

Trellborg is a Swedish global engineering group specializing in seals, vibration control and rubber products.Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has more than 24 manufacturing facilities strategically located on four continents. Factories around the world specialize in producing a certain type of product, such as proprietary Turcon or Zurcon material seal products, or uniquely designed rubber products including Isolast perfluoroelastomer, or market-leading Orkot or Turcite product.

Garlock LOGO
Image Source: Garlock

Garlock is a well-known seal manufacturer in the United States, providing sealing solutions for various industries.Garlock USA is a manufacturer of performance fluid sealing and piping solutions focused on product longevity and productivity. By combining products and services Garlock provides solutions that increase factory productivity, reduce costs and comply with increasingly stringent regulations.Garlock was founded in 1887 and is headquartered in Parmara, New York, USA. Garlock Sealing Technologies Co., Ltd. has been committed to creating high-performance sealing products and solutions for more than 100 years. It provides a full range of high-quality products and services for the global petrochemical, chemical, nuclear power, pharmaceutical, food and other fields, and has an outstanding reputation in the fluid sealing industry.

Image Source: SAKAGAMI

SAKAGAMI, a Japanese brand of seals, specializes in the R&D and production of seals for liquid and pneumatic reciprocating motions. It is committed to the excellent position of seals in the world. Today, SAKAGAMI seals are widely used in railways, automobile steering gears, engineering machinery, cylinders, etc. Japan’s Sakagami Co., Ltd. has a history of more than a century since its establishment. It specializes in the research and development of seals for liquid and pneumatic reciprocating motions. It has wellknown in the world’s seal manufacturers and has the mission of producing high-quality, long-life seals. Excellent products with high quality, high reliability and long service life for users.


DICHTOMATIK The German company DICHTOMATIK is one of the suppliers of seals. It is a professional seal company that both produces itself and places orders for production. Its products come from factories in Germany, Sweden, Italy and Asia.Dichtomati is a company that provides professional high-quality seals and sealing system solutions. Static applications: Provide all static seals in metric, imperial and other international standard sizes, including: O-rings, O-shaped strips, end cap seals and combination seals, etc. There are static sealing materials that meet various requirements and have passed a series of certifications. For complex motion parts: standard size piston and movable rod seals, U-shaped rings, dust rings, and guide components are provided. For rotary movements: NBR and EKM, standard rotary shaft seals with or without protective lip. provide special rubber-packed metal skeleton oil seals and high-pressure resistant double protective sealing lips and oil seals with reinforced sealing lips.

Simrit is a brand of Germany’s FREUDENBERG Group Sealing and Damping Technology Company (FDS), which is the world’s largest manufacturer of seals and dampers. The company’s products are widely used in automobile manufacturing, metallurgical equipment, water conservancy equipment, engineering machinery, heavy machinery, forging machinery, plastic machinery, wind power equipment and other fields.

Image Source: TYS

Well-known hydraulic seal manufacturer company in China:
TYS One of the first companies in China to produce hydraulic seals,Has the well-known TYS brand seals.Focus on seals for hydraulic applications.Providing guarantee excellent quality hydraulic seals products and cost-effective sealing solutions that are designed and produced in its’s specialized manufacturing units using proprietary elastomeric and PTFE compounds & materials.



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