Hydraulic cylinder common oil leakage causes and solutions

Hydraulic cylinder common oil leakage causes and solutions

Reasons for hydraulic cylinder oil leakage

Hydraulic cylinder is a very critical part of the hydraulic system, hydraulic cylinder oil leakage has internal leakage and external leakage of 2 kinds of cases, may be caused by the following common problems:

  1. Aging or damage to seals: seals in hydraulic cylinders are generally made of rubber, which can harden or expand after long-term use, leading to leakage. In addition, seal wear, scratches, etc., may also lead to leakage.
  2. Hydraulic cylinder internal overpressure: in some cases, the hydraulic cylinder internal pressure is abnormally high, more than the hydraulic cylinder seal pressure capacity, resulting in leakage. In this case, you will hear the hydraulic pump has an abnormal noise or burn the hydraulic pump.
  3. Hydraulic pipeline leakage: The hydraulic pipeline itself has holes, cracks, and other problems or leakage at the pipe joints, which may lead to hydraulic cylinder forward leakage.

Hydraulic cylinder leakage is more challenging to determine only through the system working conditions, such as insufficient thrust, speed drop, unstable work or oil temperature rise, etc. Hydraulic cylinder internal leakage generally has the following two places:
(1) The static sealing part between the piston rod and piston;

(2) The dynamic sealing part between the inner wall of the cylinder liner and the piston should first be strictly inspected for each matching part.

Hydraulic cylinder oil leakage solution

  1. Replacement of hydraulic cylinder seals: If damaged or aged, they must be replaced in time. It should be noted that the replacement of seals must be replaced with the same or better than the original material for replacement; otherwise, there may be leakage.
  2. Check the hydraulic pump: If the hydraulic pump noise is abnormal, unstable pressure, etc., it may be due to pump wear or ageing seals. In this case, you must check the hydraulic pump and promptly replace damaged parts.
  3. Check the hydraulic pipeline: check the hydraulic pipeline and find problems in time to replace or repair. If there is severe corrosion or damage to the pipeline, consider replacing the entire pipeline.
  4. Prevent overpressure phenomenon: The hydraulic system in operation monitors the pressure to avoid abnormally high pressure. If overpressure has occurred, you need to immediately pressurize the system to slow oil release and other operations while checking whether the hydraulic cylinder seals are damaged.
  5. Strengthen the hydraulic cylinder maintenance: regular inspection of the hydraulic cylinder found the problem of timely maintenance. In hydraulic oil replacement, you need to use clean and in line with the specifications of the hydraulic oil for replacement.

In short, the stable operation of the hydraulic system is essential for the regular operation of mechanical equipment. For the problem of hydraulic cylinder oil leakage, refer to the above methods to find the cause and solve the problem in time.



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